Taking a Break from Social

So, every once in awhile, I get this wild hair up my ass to take a break from social sites such as Facebook. This time, I was prompted by the sheer ignorance in this election cycle. Even more so than in 2012. I just cannot believe that people STILL put their faith in a corrupt…


I still love animals!

I really love animals. All shapes and sizes. Doesn’t matter what they are. Well, today I happened to see a squirrel out on our back fence, so I grabbed my Sony a6000 and shot this pic. Is’t he cute?

David & Luria Kiss (sneaky!)

Love, Music & Computers

It’s Valentine’s Day. Our first one. We discussed whether or not to celebrate it. Neither of us like playing into the whole candy, gifts and romantic dinner theme. So we decided to just put away our computers and phones and hang out. Of course, here it is, 11:30 AM on Valentine’s Day, and we’re both…


Millie and the Kids

And so it begins! First of all, I have to go back a bit. One of the coolest things I have done in my life, is find and photograph Alligators in Florida. This is not something I have done my whole life, but just in the last year or so. I moved to an area…

Tom the Talking Turkey

David, the Turkey Whisperer

Meet Tom, the Talking Turkey! On the way into the National Forest for Mesa Verde National Park, we saw all kinds of wild animals, including free range cows, deer and wild turkeys. You can see all the pictures here. Tom here was quite talkative! He and David had a very pleasant conversation.


Mesa Verde National Park (Road Trip to Portland)

After waking up from a cramped but wonderful night in the car, we had a 15 minute drive to the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park. This one peaked both of our interests immediately when we saw it on Roadtrippers. It’s the: largest archaeological preserve in the U.S., some of the best-preserved ancient dwellings in…

Santa Rosa Lake, New Mexico

Santa Rosa Lake, New Mexico (Road Trip to Portland)

We used to plan our trip and find cool spots to stop along the way. You enter your starting point and your destination, and it does a very good job at recommending places along the way. So David and I chose several spots before we headed out that looked interesting. Santa Rosa wasn’t at…

David & Luria Selfie at Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch (Road Trip to Portland)

First stop on the Road Trip to Portland? Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas! I’d heard of this place, but had never been. David said he’d passed by and looked at it from the highway, but never stopped. It was fitting that our first stop was somewhere we’d both never been! In fact… outside of Portland,…

David and Luria at Santa Rosa Lake in New Mexico on the Trip to Portland, 2014

Our Journey

David and I decided to start a blog to document our journey together. ‘Cause… you know… we can’t get enough of this online and social world! 😉 We’re embarking on our first road trip tomorrow and figured it’s the perfect time to do this. We both have pretty good memories, but you know how it…